Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Prepared for Making Candies

Now, before we get started on our candy-making journey we need to be prepared in terms of kitchen environment, tools and ingredients. Preparation is essential to ensure an easier time along the way of your journey and you will find yourself adapting quicker with the right preparation.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a five-star kitchen at your house, a normal one would do. You just need to put some effort on creating a clean and dry environment, put some money on buying utensils and ingredients, then you’re set to go.

1. Preparing Your Kitchen

he most important thing you need to do with your kitchen is to make it as suitable as possible for making candy. This means you need to have a cool and dry environment, with an ideal room temperature of 70 to 72 degrees. Organize your ingredients in its rightful place, some need to be place in the fridge, some need to be kept at room temperature. Then, make sure you have enough counter space cause you will be making some mess like it or not.

2. Getting the Proper Tools

Aside from having the right environment, we need some tools to handle the task at hand. Most utensils you will use while making candy are available at the grocery, kitchen stores, commercial equipment suppliers. And if you’re lazy like me, search for those tools online and wait for them to be delivered to your door. Some of the tools that are a must includes; measuring tools, pots and pans, electrical appliances (microwave, oven), decorating tools, and tools for cooling such as racks and containers.

3. Finding Great Ingredients

Most people worry about the scarcity of the needed ingredients in candy-making. The truth is, they’re widely available even at your local grocery store. Sugars and sweeteners are the core ingredients for candy recipes, you can’t miss them as they are very easy to find. Dairy products are for creams and toppings. Nuts are optional, but they can be very good if one prefer their candy to be crunchy and cracky. Chocolates are also essential, as they’re the main favorite and they give that high class touch on your candy.

Keep in minds that these suggestion are not the absolute rules. You can still be creative and have fun on your way in this candy-making journey. Creativity is what makes candies’ flavor endless and varied, but for a starter these guidelines can be helpful…


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